Walthers 932-3843 H0 Gold Line(TM) Evans 100-Ton 55' Cushion Coil Car - Assembled-Reading

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Gold Line(TM) Evans 100-Ton 55' Cushion Coil Car - Assembled-Reading


Among the unusual loads moved by railroads are large steel coils used to make automobile bodies, appliances and other products. Because of their size (6 to 10' in diameter) and weight, coils are more easily shipped by rail than by truck.
Classified as both gondolas and flat cars, coil cars feature a "V"-shaped cradle in place of the usual floor. On the prototypes, adjustable retainers hold the coils in place and a cushion underframe helps prevent end-to-end load shifting. Removable hoods protect the coils from the weather.
Retooled from the bolsters up, these cars feature a correct-length, heavy diecast frame for better tracking and drill starter points for easy installation of the supplied wire grab irons. They're equipped with working knuckle couplers and have angled or round hoods as appropriate for each roadname.




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