Walthers 932-240312 H0 Gold Line(TM) Bethlehem 89'4" Flush Deck Flat Car Limited-Run 2 Pack-Santa Fe

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Gold Line(TM) Bethlehem 89'4" Flush Deck Flat Car Limited-Run 2 Pack-Santa Fe

werkseitig ausverkauft !

Intermodal Favorites for HO Freights
* Underbody Detail * Great for Intermodal Consists * Fully Assembled * Metal RP-25 Wheels * Working Knuckle Couplers * Modeler Installed Grab Irons * ACF & P-S Style Hitches Included

Like the prototypes, Walthers 89'4" Bethlehem Flush-deck Flatcars are versatile additions to HO railroads. The models are available in two common versions: TTX cars delivered with a pair of trailer hitches to handle two 40' trailers and bridge plates, or the later WTTX cars designed for crane loading and equipped to carry two 45' trailers.
Combining metal and plastic parts for superb detail and performance, Walthers Bethlehem 89'4" Flush-Deck Flatcars come with both ACF- and Pullman-Standard-style hitches to match prototype practice. In addition, the models include one of each style hitch in the down position to model a later era car handling a single 48 or 53' trailer.
As with other Walthers Gold Line freight cars, the Bethlehem 89'4" Flush-Deck Flatcars come ready to run and include a complete set of add-on wire grab irons; molded drill starter points on the body simplify installation. Magnetic knuckle couplers and free-rolling trucks with RP-25 metal wheelsets round out each car. 




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