Rusty Stumps K4016 H0 Lasercut Bausatz M. Chambers Merchantile Store

Rusty Stumps K4016 H0 Lasercut Bausatz M. Chambers Merchantile Store Rusty Stumps K4016 H0 Lasercut Bausatz M. Chambers Merchantile Store Rusty Stumps K4016 H0 Lasercut Bausatz M. Chambers Merchantile Store
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Rusty Stumps K4016 H0 Lasercut Bausatz M. Chambers Merchantile Store

Lasercut Bausatz Kelleys Boarding House (LKW´s wie auf der Abb. sind nicht enthalten)

Kelley's Landing Series of kits and represents a typical small town or down and out part of a larger town. The MERCHANTILE STORE is the last in this series and is named for my late friend and master modeler, Mike Chambers. Mike was aware of my intentions on naming this particular kit after him and had the opportunity to see the master walls used to create the molds for the castings. His input on all the kits manufactured at RSSM will be greatly missed. The Kelley's Landing Series was suggested by Mike and he provided a copy of the original articles that were Published in The Shortline and Narrow Gauge Gazette written by the late Al Amitage. 

The kit is a bit of a departure from our previous offerings in that the main building is comprised of four highly detailed resin castings. The masters for these walls were made up from our laser cut aged brick sheets. There is a wooden lean-to building attached on one side.

This particular kit offers a number of interesting features. Besides the holes provided for wiring lighting in the floor and roof trusses the side wall castings are twins and can easily be reversed if you have the "Bull" Durham decal on one and want to reverse the deck to the opposite side. You can either build up the Lean-To building on the side from the stripwood provided or use the laser cut 1/32" plywood sub-walls and just lay the 1x10 exterior stripwood on that. There are some display cases provided with inventory cast in for the front interior of the Merchantile Store so you can decorate with both lighting and proper interior details. Also resin casting will be provided for typical type crates, barrels and drums found both on the dock and in the lean-to storage building. The sliding door track is a complete resin casting  with NBW's already in place. Just paint and install.

NOTE: People, vehicles, trees and track plus water and general diorama construction materials if shown in pictures are not included in this kit.

  • Highly detailed, double sided, resin casting for main building.
  • Option to reverse building design and place deck and lean-to building on left, rather than right side.
  • Seamed metal roofing provided.
  • Main building designed for lighting (not provided) with holes in main floor and roof trusses to string lighting wires.
  • 12 date block laser cut pieces provided so you can put the date of your choice on the building.
  • Copyright design by Walt Gillespie of the classic "Bull" Durham Tobacco painted on sign. This is provided as both a water slide decal and a printed paper sign. Just incase you have problems with such large decals.
  • Custom made dry transfer lettering for the name on the front of the building.
  • Option to stick build the lean-to building or to use the provided laser cut 1/32" sub-walls in the kit.
  • Besides the fine detail cast into the brick there is the stacked field stone foundation that is part of the complete wall casting on each wall.
  • Foot print is 45'x58' HO Scale or 6-1/4" x 8".
  • Stripwood provided for lean-to and decking.
  • Interior detail resin castings provided of display cabinets so you can finish detail and light your building if desired.
  • Resin detail castings provided to detail both the deck area and inside the front of the lean-to. Also included is a nicely detailed sliding door track complete with NBW castings.
  • Necessary drawings provided to help in the construction.
  • A well illustrated and detailed instruction manual in the kit.
  • Nicely detailed laser cut windows and door that install into cast in pockets on the reverse sides of the front and back walls.
  • Resin walls have tab and slots cast right in and the walls assemble with little showing of the seams.
  • Interior walls to divide the large area are provided and the floor floats in slots in the wall castings.



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